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Globalibre Stream #28

Amigas y amigos,

a stream in the middle of the week…? YEAH! We celebrate the little friday = WEDNESDAY and have to announce that we have a special guest from BRASIL: PATRICKTOR4 founder and resident of the famous BAILE TROPICAL Parties! So expect the finest in URBAN BASS, tropical house, breaks&beats…!


Globalibre Livestream #20 – Celebration Stream


It is Nr. 20!!! We never expected that we will go on like that with our regular irregular date for international public to visit us (TimTims) home and celebrate with us all kinds of heavy tunes selected by us and our special guests. Today we play in the new prepared space where timtim teared down a wall for better soundspace and the most private dance floor in our hometown!!! Very special!
How many people have been joined us, how many beer we drunk… Overtime a fest of hospitality and good music!
So tune in and share with us this special night! dj bounty starts for the residents, we are proud and looking forward for a live-set from Tryptichon, Special guest DJ Dash will give us some beautiful drum and bass, axe.l will join in later as well,…

Visual artist today: Trytichon-VJs
Part 1 here:
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Part 2 here:
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New project from electronic music producer & dj Flore & VJ team WSK, RITUAL – live audio/video performance, inspired & radical, fuelled with tribal & techno influences.

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Globalibre Livestream #18


Check out Globalibre TV at bambuser! We again present a group of friends joining us at our home-streaming night. Globalibre DJs feat. DJ DASH, DJ Ras Mike …

ON AIR!!!!!!!!!

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You will find the stream on our bambuser channel!!! HERE

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Globalibre Livestream #17

nummer17Ladies and gentlemen,

again we get our stuff organized to spread out new tracks and old loves to entertain you the best we can – this time with sound! Promised!

Our mate DJ BNT invites a group of friends which will help us to have a colourful rainbow of different sounds and styles to present. So watch out here on your favorite channel!

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Banging baile funk with rock! DJ CHERNOBYL’s band-project COMUNIDADE NIN-JITSU release!!!


Dear Listeners,
I’m happy and proud to present to you the new release of DJ Chernobyl’s band-project COMUNIDADE NIN-JITSU this summer 2014!
Check it, listen and bang to it!
Banging baile funk with rock since 1995, after a LIVE DVD, Comunidade Nin-Jitsu is about to release a new album produced by Edu K. Here we go with the single DONA DA BOCA. have fun!

facebook: Fredi Chernobyl
skype: djchernobyl75

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Carrot @ Green Sunset – MIS São Paulo


Gravado ao vivo em 22.3.2014 na festa Green Sunset no MIS de São Paulo
entrevista no deepbeep:

01. Actress – Our
02. Ensemble du Verre – Cracks
03. Maribou State – Larks Rise
04. Baeka – Right At It
05. Kresy – Midnight in Manhattan
06. Ed Motta – Lady
07. Shur I Kan – Jazz Club (Max Graef Remix)
08. Chaos In The CBD – 78 to Stanley Bay
09. Kadebostan, Laolu – Salome (Kadebostan Version)
10. Os Tincoãs – Oxossi Te Chama (Carrot Green Edit)
11. Kotelett, Zadak – Lucky Love
12. Nutia – Em Pessoa (Deer Remix)
13. Pleasure Planet – Black Shades for White Nights
14. Carrot Green – Dança das Crianças
15. Darkside – Freak, Go Home
16. Mario Basanov – Red Line
17. Carrot Green – Novena (DJ Butcher Edit)
18. Carrot Green – Itajam
19. Rick Wade – Sweet Life
20. Djavan – Nereci (Marky’s Boogie Rework)
21. Rita Lee – Me Recuso (Carrot Green Boogie Rework)
22. Tom Zé – Lua-Gira-Sol (Thomash Edit)
23. Inezita Barroso – Capoeira do Salomão (Carrot Green Edit)
24. Dogu Civicik – Durduramayacaklar (Halkın Coşkun Akan Selini)

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Globalibre Livestream #16

Globalibre Stream promo 16

Globalibre Livestream #16
feat. Globalibre DJs axe.l&BNT, Globalibre VJs Parasitäre Kapazitäten (timtim&rolf) und Gäste

Follow our Stream here:
Globalibre Channel at Bambuser

Start: 20:00 c.e.t

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