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DJ Badre@ 3000Grad Tour Ritter Butzke Berlin


DJ Badre@ 3000Grad Tour Ritter Butzke Berlin by Dj Badre on Mixcloud

Go Away Song (Holtoug remix) – Kasperbjorke, His Friendly Ghost,
Schlaraffenland (Be Svendsen remix) – Be Svendsen,
Tango De La Destruction (Jayl Funk remix) – Skeewiff,
Quetschkommode – Andhim,
Last Tango (German Brigante Congas mix) – Jose Sousa,
Eric Clapton – layla Alex smith rmx,
Friends – Solomun,
Spooks – Zombie Disco Squad,
Elle (Copyright Re-edit) – DJ Gregory,
Crystal Fighters – In The Summer Chaos In The Cbd Remix ,
Bazooka 17 – James,
Yasmin Levy vs. DJ Koze – Intentalo Enconntrar, Getreide-Phunk (mashup By DJ MiPs),
Bandoneon Acorazado (Malente remix) – Tango Fusion Club,
Song For Nona (original) – Act Yo Age,
Throwback – Christian Nielsen,

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DJ Badre Fusion 2014 Luftschloss

Omar Souleyman – Warni Warni (bEEdEEgEE remix)
Restless Leg Syndrome – Pimpin‘ Ramzy
Yestegan chaY – Yeh Estekan Chaee
Hicham – Orient
Trentmöller – Prana
Masomeno – Coco classico
Niconé & Sascha Braemer – Raoui
Dj Tomahawk – HABiBi
Hickup – Mitzwa (Original Mix)
Funky Muslim – Juicy ( Pento Boys )
The Micronaut – Schleie
Superpendejos – SP Airlines (Dixone Meltdown Remix)
Kadebostan – Love In Looxor
Roman Flügel – Softie
Yes – in
Pablo Rez – Asian Dream (Dub Edit)
DJ Koze – Blume Der Nacht (Original Mix)
Radiohead – Little By Little (Caribou Remix)
Nicolas Jaar – Russian Dolls
Kohra – Hush

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SummerTape 2011-Dj Badre

You Got The Love (Florence – The XX rmx)-The Very Best
Say What feat Ogris Debris(Paul Marmota Remix)-Round Table Knights
Platscher (Original Mix)-Paul Kalkbrenner
Basti Grub – Bombe Ma Chi Chi
Gonzales-Knight Moves
Green (Urulu Remix)-etch
Lungulungu-Jumo Daddy & FOKN
Colours (original mix) -The Criime

Dj Badre-Moombahtonminimix2

Bongo Jam (Doc Adam Edit)-Crazy Cousinz
Paper Planes (SAUR Moombahton Bootleg)-M.I.A.
Body Move [NEKI Edit]-Chuckie & Mastiksoul ft. TOK
Devil (Bootleg)– Chong X
Show Me Love (Morrison’s Moombahton Remix)-Robin
Fire On The Moombahton (Doc Adam Remix)-Grateful Dead
Cumbia Colegiala (Maga Bo Remix – CDS Luci Refix)-Copia Doble Systema
Bomba [NEKI Edit]-Daniel Haaksman
Miss Broadway / Sandungueo (Paul Devro DJ Edit) -Belle Epoque / Munchi
Feelings For You-MOOMBAHTRON aka Riot Earp


LISTEN04-2011 by Dj Badre

Brian Benson & Michael Gull-Children (Philip Bader Remix)
Paradise-Art Nouveau
Davide Squillace – Cubism
Little Comets – Joanna (FiS Remix)
Pupkulies – Save Me (Feat Rebecca – Someone Else Remix)
Soul Clap – Lonely C feat. Charles Levine (Original Mix)



Tropical Club 3 By Dj Badre


Grito Andino (Alpaquitae)-Dj.Roy
Mortal Kombat II-Pocz
Klepto (Original Mix)-Myre
Tuki Love-Pocz & Pacheko
Missing (Todd Terry Remix) (NKC edit)-Everything But The Girl
Ghetto Rush (Original Mix)-King Kong
Bassy Baile-Bert On Beats
Jerpa (Original) -Botnek Plonk
Mana Wasa-Nic Sarno

Dj Badre Moombahton Minimix


Mixed feeling-16 bit finnal
Blast (Mentalcut Moombahton Edit) -Doyo
Heater (Ckrono moombahton edit)-Samim
She Wants MoombahSoul-Thomas Blondet
Calabria (2011) [Chong X Remix]-Enur feat. Natasja
Soske sul na avea (SuperStereo remix)-Boban Markovic
Wanna Fete (Wanna Get Remix) [NEKI Edit]-Parov Stelar

Tropical World Club 2 By Dj Badre


Meme Pas Fatigue (DJ Marwen Remix)-Magic System & Khaled
Vete (Uproot Andy Moombachata Mix)-Antony Santos
Mortal Kombat (Sunsplash Remix)-Pocz
Quandong (Original Mix)-Swick
La Prima Wila-Cadereira
Look Pon Mi (Jay Fay Remix)-Natalie Storm
La Candela Viva-Sonora
Dinosaur with guns (Tambour Battant Remix)-Teki Latex
Ghetto Funk Baby (Sheeqo Beat Vs High Rank Mix)-Rico Tubbs
La Bombacion-African Game Boy