DJ Gärtner der Lüste

DJ Gardener of Pleasures (Ralf Ilgner)


Starting up in the early 80s, his first experience as a DJ began during a school trip, organizing a party for his class. Of course Ralf sorted out and played all the music – but with cassettes! This only works when you are professionally prepared – and it did! This is mainly a characteristic Ralf has been following in all his jobs till this day.
Continuing his job by organizing different parties in the 90s at his university and different locations and clubs around the ‘Ruhr’- area, later on the party-concept called ‘Garden of Pleasure’ was born. It became typical for these events to create a natural atmosphere during the party: offering fresh fruits and decorating the club or any other location where the party took place with fresh flowers and plants. Guest artists like bands, dancers, painters and VJs have been invited to make these events colourful and special. And it has been successful!
In 1997, Ralf started his work as radio-editor at the WDR Cologne, first building up the program for channel WDR5 and later on for WDR Funkhaus Europa, a channel which is now famous for its World-Music Program and which is broadcasting international radio shows at weekends.
As a result of his special interest and work, Ralf ended up releasing the first world-music compilation ‘Globalista: Import-Export’ (including 16 tracks from 16 different countries – a mixture of Tradition, Pop & Underground).


He received many good to excellent critics for his work (i.e. by Spex, Rolling Stone, Blue Rhythm, BBC Radio). So it was just a small step for Ralf to bring to life a party according to the concept of the Globalista Release. To name some of his outstanding DJ-Gigs during this period of time, Ralf has supported ‘Gotan Project’ (Popkomm Cologne, Tanzbrunnen 2002) and two events at ‘Tonhalle Düsseldorf’ Night of the Museums (2003, 2004). After doing lots of successful local and national gigs, events and parties, it was not a coincidence to receive an offer to play outside Germany. That’s what Ralf did at 2001 at the beach bar Totem, nearby Thessaloniki in Greece.

Of course also a DJ has to cope with swayings in life such as the divorce of Ralf and Globalista in Summer 2003 which finally was the reason for the foundation of

Globalibre – World Club Culture.

The philosophy of this project is to organize parties which follow a concept of presenting the current international danceable club music. The DJ-Sets include styles like Latin (Brasil: Bossa + Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Son) ‐ Reggae (Ska, Dub, Blue Beat, Ragga, Dancehall, Roots Reggae) ‐ Oriental (Rai, Bellydance, Bhangra, Asian Underground, Türk‐Pop) ‐ Afro (Afro Beat, Zouk, Zouglou) ‐ European styles (Balkan, Celtic) and so on… and also further styles like Funk, Soul, Blues, Hip Hop, House and Breakbeat. Ralf got the chance to present with pleasure his DJ-Sets in places like Mexico City, Ibiza, Budapest and following these events he returned to his studio to produce the release of the first Globalibre – World Club Culture Compilation in April 2005.


In 2006, DJ Gardener of Pleasures started to corporate with DJ axe.l. The two of them met because of a Cuban ‘Reggaeson’ band project named Hoyo Colorao. It was managed in Europe by Axel at the time. He was searching for a record-label to release the bands album ‘Todo se sabe’ in Europe. He asked Ralf for contacts to important amd infuential people in music-business. Finally, the two music-junkies found out that it is both very enriching and great fun to work together because because of their shared interest in World-Club Culture and because of the two completely different approaches to follow their passion about music.

Axel und Ralf

He also started to compile real successful chilling & swinging CD Compilations named ‘Smile Style Vol. 1-3’ (released by Wave Music) and ‘Funky Pluesch Vol. 1-4’ (mainly released by ChinChin Records) – just have a look at the chapter ‘releases’ at the globalibre homepage…! – and he did some remixes for the band Moca and Club de Belugas.

The Funky Plüsch Collection Vol. 1-4


The Smile Style Collectiom Vol. 1-3

Smile Style_Collage

If you need more infos about Ralf, his special parties and events have a look:

September 2008: Funky Plush Vol. IV. : Relaxin‘ with Cherry
Juli 2008: Vapiano Vibes 6
Februar 2008: Smile Style Vol. II.
Mai 2007: Funky PlüschVol. III. : Witchcraft
März 2007: Moca: Post it – Club des Belugas vs. Gärtner der Lüste – Remix
Februar 2007: Globalibre – World Club Culture Vol. II.
Februar 2007: Smile Style Vol. I.
Februar 2006: Funky Plüsch Vol. II. : Beyond the Moon
Januar 2006: Club des Belugas: Wildcats Gotta Move – Becker vs. Gärtner der Lüste Remix
April 2005: Globalibre – World Club Culture Vol. I
April 2005: Funky Plüsch Vol. I. : Fly Me To The Moon
Januar 2004: Take Five: A Collection Of Various Interpretations Of Take Five
2000: Globalista: Import – Export
September 2008: Store Opening Party für Peek & Cloppenburg.
August 2008: Gig für Replay in Berlin.
Mai 2008: Abschlußparty Jazz Rally Düsseldorf
Seit April 2008: regelmäßige Sendungen auf DeLuxe Radio.
Februar 2008: Wearin – Modemesse Düsseldorf
September 2007: Gig für die Deutsche Telekom, Bonn
Oktober 2006: Buchveröffentlichung „Nie wieder Mallorca“ (Thriller).
November 2004: DJ-Gigs in MexicoCity in verschiedenen Bars, Lounges & Hotels.
August 2004: Gigs in Budapest (West Balkan, Cha Cha Cha Garden).
Juli 2004: NuJazz-Floor im Fernsehturm, beim JuicyBeats-Festival in Dortmund.
Mai 2004: DJ-Gigs auf Ibiza (Bambuddha Grove).
2004: Auftritt mit der WDR Bigband an der Uni Dortmund.
Beteiligung an der Clubtour in NRW (u.a. Unique in Düsseldorf).
Oktober/November 2003: DJ-Gigs in MexicoCity: Bar Colmillo, Club Amsterdam Terraza, Bar EI Mitote, Bar T-Gallery.
Oktober 2003: Erfolgreiche Mithilfe beim ersten Album-Release der Bochumer Band Moca. Album wird weltweit vertrieben. Resident-DJ für Moca bei deren Live-Auftritten.
Sommer 2003: Loslösung der Globalista-Party-Reihe von WDR Funkhaus Europa und Umbenennung in Globalibre – World Club Culture.
Sommer 2001: DJ-Engagement in griechischer Beachbar Totem, Nähe Thessaloniki.

Parallel erste Globalista Party-Abende u.a. im ZAKK, Düsseldorf/ Kantine, Köln/ Downtown Club, Köln/ 45RPM, Wuppertal/ Cafe ADA, Wuppertal/ Zeche Zollverein, Essen/ Bar Orange, Köln. DJ-Support für Gotan Project (Popkomm, Tanzbrunnen 2002), Party in der Tonhalle Düsseldorf zur Nacht der Museen (2003, 2004).
Zahlreiche gute und sehr gute Kritiken (u.a. in Spex, Rolling Stone, Blue Rhythm, BBC Radio).
1999–2005: Resident-DJ auf den Freitagnächten im Museum Folkwang in Essen. Insgesamt elf Nächte unter den verschiedensten Mottos.
1999–2002: Gründung und Aufbau der Musikredaktion von WDR-Funkhaus Europa.
1997 Gründung und Aufbau der Musikredaktion bei WDR 5.
Seit 1997: Musikredakteur beim WDR:
1996: Kurzes Gastspiel als freier Mitarbeiter bei EinsLive: Musikbeiträge und -sendungen (z.B. „Kult & Chaos“ über Tricky oder über die Geschichte des DJ-ing, Triebhaus).
1995-98: Verschiedene Engagements in diversen Clubs u.a. in der Dortmunder Live-Station Black Music unter dem Motto „Fever“.
1994–96: Veranstaltung eigener Partys unter dem Motto „Garten der Lüste“. Der erste „Garten der Lüste“ ist ein so großer Erfolg, dass insgesamt neun verschieden konzipierte Gärten der Lüste stattfinden (Bahnhof Langendreer, Lindenbrauerei Unna, Riff, Graefen & König, Home), vor allem immer unter Beteiligung verschiedenster Künstler (Musiker, Videokünstler, Maler, Tänzerinnen u.a.).
Seit 1990: Resident-DJ im Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum. Zunächst etwa zehn Jahre lang querbeet Partymusik. Seit 2000 einmal monatlich Globalista- bzw. Globalibre-Partys – es laufen alle möglichen Styles & Mixturen zwischen Club- und Weltmusik.
Ab 1987: Fachschaftspartys an der Uni Bochum.
1980: Erster Abend als DJ auf einer Klassenfahrtsparty mit 14. Voller Erfolg: Fast alle haben getanzt. Equipment: Grundig Mono-Kassettenrecorder und 50 Tapes.

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