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Infos about O.live.R:

O.live.R has been active as a DJ for 10 years! Socialised by Britpop, Indie and Rock ‘n Roll he and his partner DJ Eckhard organized their first party in 2002 in a club named „Im Keller“ in Dortmund!! The project „Take It Or Leave It“ was really successful and one of the reasons for these glorious nights have been that Indie and Rock ‘n Roll Music was pushed with the debut-records of The Strokes, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party etc….
As a result of these events the two of them got guest performances at other clubs like the Rose Club in Cologne and many more!!
Just one year later every little club or bar organised its own little „Indie“-Party and it became more and more boring and was not special any longer …. Thus the consequence was to stop „Take It or Leave It“ – following the concept’s name – and after a little break DJ Eckhard and O.live.R came back in 2005 with an new Club-Night called „Rubber Sounds“! It was a mixture of Rave-Tunes and good old Indie-Rock which gave these parties a new and fresh touch!!
During the years 2007 and 2008, O.live.R started a new DJ-project with DJ axe.l!! ‘Deep Thought Soundsystem’ was born and the first public appearance has been the „Come As You Are“-parties at VRSTCK-Club in Dortmund!! The new influence was Dubstep and the two DJs combined it with electronic-minimal-beats…
Apart from that, they brought to life a rather calm event named „Flounge“ in the summer of 2008! It was O.live.R`s first collaboration with DJ Gardener of Pleasures, DJ axe.l and DJ Badre….The result was as follows: Tents packed with guests, praise and many sunny days accompanied with lounge-beats!!
In 2008, O.live.R became an official member of the Globalibre DJ-Team and functions both as the main author of the Globalibre-Blog and as the musical gold-digger! He is very interested in pop culture and the development of club-culture!! Due to the high noise level of his DJ-Sets and the thick bass waves with tropical-ghettobass-flavour, he is the tamer of international dance floors!
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O.live.R – The Piano / Nightdrive EP [Preview] by O.live.R Productions

12-3 Recordings about this EP:
German producer and O.Live.R opens the 12-3 Recordings catalogue with a pounding two track ep. House music at its best, tightly constructed and ready to mix. These piano driven tracks should find their way into your set well quick, showing a different side of O.Live.R, a side you’re guaranteed to dig!
The Piano relies on the perfect neon lighted ambience it is bound to spread once you play it. The track is exactly what it sounds like, focused on the piano, a detailed sax spicing it up, and a solid house beat to rest on.
The B-side is a drive trough the city at night, a mellow melody and a steady kick drum pushing the track forward.

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O.live.R – Stars EP by O.live.R Productions

DBTY Records about this EP:
A five track EP that goes both deep and massive.

Stars is a beautiful collab with Tape3000, sublime vocals over a dreamy beat. Rainforest Ruckus gives the EP the dance floor banger, baile funk meets packed warehouse in a sweet combo. Another morning finishes off the ep in a floating, deep vibe.

French wonder kid Mackpaye goes nostalgic in his banger of a remix, a touch of UK and a solid dancy house vibe makes it a great club track. Orphans STHLM turns Another morning in to a weirdly awesome shelter house monster track, need we say more?

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Latest Mixtapes by O.live.R:

O.live.R – Summer 2012 Tape

O.live.R played:

Favela Chic/London
Le Comptoir Dana/Marrakesh
La Tête Dans Les Etoiles/Essaouira
L’Alimentation Générale/Paris
Katakomben Theater/Essen
Das Edelweiss/Berlin
Rose Club/Köln
Royal Bambi/Dortmund
Herr Walter/Dortmund
Bahnhof Langendreer/Bochum
Missin‘ Link/Dortmund

Jambash Festival – Essaouira
, Maroc
Incubate Festival – Tilburg, Netherlands
Europmania Festival – Pécs, Hungary
Fährmannsfest 2010 – Hannover, Germany
Flounge 2009 – Dortmund/Germany
ANOA African No.1 Arena (WM2010) – Dortmund, Germany
Love Parade – Dortmund, Germany
La fete dela musique 2010 – Hannover,Germany

O.live.R in the blogspot:

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