DJ axe.l

Clássicos brasileiros Mixtape Vol. 1 – DJ axe.l by Djaxel on Mixcloud


axe.l (not to be confused with GN’R frontman Rose) is one of Germany’s earliest and most prominent Globetrotting Global Bass DJ’s.
He has dj’ed in some and travelled in numerous countries over five continents and is always at the forefront of the latest club sounds with a specialism in urban bass music.
At the moment, he has found a new burning passion, MOOMBAHTON – a new style which will soon infect the dancefloors worldwide like a virus.
He is not new to Brazilian clubbing and on his tour there in 2011?????, the invaluable knowledge he has gained has put him in prime position to be sure to rock the party there. He murdered the the amplifiers in front of a sweaty, booty shakin’ posse in every town he played leaving them salivating for more long after he had left the club.

Axel (a não ser confundido com o vocalista Rose de Guns N ‚Roses!!) é um dos mais antigos e importantes Djs internacionais de Global Bass da Alemanha. Passou por vários países em cinco continentes tocando seu som. Ele está sempre à frente dos mais novos Club-Sounds e se especializou no estilo Urban Bass.
MOOMBAHTON é atualmente sua nova paixão – um novo estilo, que garante invadir as pistas do mundo como um vírus.
Ele não é novidade nas boates brasileiras, onde ele já tocou no seu tour em 2010/2011 e já fez a experiência: ele adora estourar as caixas de som na frente de uma galera suada que sabe mexer o bumbum! Os equipamentos de axe.l contém um bass massivo!
Também toca estilos como Tropical Bass, Tropical House, Baile Funk, Kuduro, Afrobeat & Dubstep!
DJ axe.l é um artista do Bass imprevisível!

axe.l (nicht mit Guns N ‚Roses-Frontmann Rose zu verwechseln!!) ist einer der frühesten und bedeutendsten Globetrotting Global Bass DJs Deutschlands.
Er hat zahlreiche Länder auf fünf Kontinenten bereist und in so manchen gespielt. Er ist immer an der Spitze der neuesten Club-Sounds und hat sich spezialisiert auf Urban Bass Musik. MOOMBAHTON ist Im Moment seine neue brennende Leidenschaft – Ein neuer Style, der bald die Dancefloors weltweit infizieren wird wie ein Virus.
Er ist nicht neu in den brasilianischen Clubs und auf seiner Tour im Jahr 2010/2011 hat er die Erfahrung gemacht: Er sprengt den Verstärker am liebsten vor einem verschwitzten, Popo wackelnden Publikum. axe.l `s Sets bestehen aus massivem Bass! Dazu gehören Styles wie Tropical Bass, Tropical House, Baile Funk, Kuduro, Afrobeat & Dubstep!

DJ axe.l ist ein unberechenbarer Bassjongleur!

axe.l `s sets consist of MASSIVE BASS! Styles like Multiple-House Styles, Tropical bass, Tropical House, Baile Funk

He enters the Globalibre Team 2007 and works since this time as manager, networker, motor and team-player while the time he is not Djing. With the Globalibre Crew he works on developing the artists network and spreading out actual masterpieces of multicultural influenced electronic music with a lot of passion and also keeping the history of World Music in mind (how it was labeled in the past).
Contemporary urban electronic music as Tropical House and Transnational Bass is the main content which is published mainly on our blog. Having now around 30.000 visitors per month from all over the world the Globalibre blog is a platform for urban culture already and axe.l was part of the crew which worked on to develop it like that. Using social media platforms like and specialized DJ platforms like,, helps to promote our work as DJ and promote our blog in the last two years with success.
With this network axe.l got the possibilities to host and to be hosted around the world by the artists and more and more friends through the work for Globalibre. Travels to Spain, Morocco, Hungary, Netherlands and at last Brazil have been the destinations where DJ axe.l promotes Globalibre and to work on the cultural exchange between the artists, network friends, bloggers and so on.
Starting his music interest with heavy-metal, psycedelic-rock and funk of the 70ies, reggae and dub, he starts DJing with the begin of the Acid-Jazz and Trip-Hop movement. More and more influenced by electronic beats he added Jungle and Drum”n Bass to his repertoire and with the time, loving the releases of NINJA TUNE he wired also to UK. hip-hop and experimental and eclectic beats.
With starting to travel in the mid 90ies he got in touch with music from india, sri lanaka, creole, australia and so on and on… So the DJ-Set had changed again and not only the dancefloor was interesting to present the collection of music he wants to bring to the people. In 2007 was the turning or peak point in his DJ-live with meeting Ralf, the founder of Globalibre. Since this time cultural influences are fixed in the DJ-Sets he plays.
Many Years he also worked as eventmanager, Organizer and Engine for cultural projects in his local area – the subculture of the Ruhrarea.

Brasil Tour 2012:

09.02.2012 – NEU Club – São Paulo
10.02.2012 – Electro Carnival – Belém do Para
13.02.2012 – Baile Tropical Nr. 27 – Recife
20.02.2012 – RECBeat Festival – Recife
27.02.2012 – Criolina – Brasilia
01.03.2012 – Espaço Fluxo – Belo Horizonte
04.03.2012 – Espaço Fluxo – Belo Horizonte
09.03.2012 – 185 – Uberlândia
10.03.2012 – Bass me mucho – Santos

Venues national:

Herr Walter/Dortmund
Royal Bambi/Dortmund
Bahnhof Langendreer/Bochum
Living Room/Bochum

Events national:
Fête de la Musique Hannover 2012
Fusion Festival 2012
ANOA African No.1 Arena (WM2010) – Dortmund, Germany
Zeltfestival Ruhr 2010 – Dortmund, Germany
Pressfest Stadtwerke Bochum, Bochum, Germany
Love Parade – Dortmund, Germany
Fête de la Musique 2010 – Hannover, Germany
Fährmannsfest 2010 – Hannover, Germany
Flounge 2009 – Dortmund/Germany

Venues international:
Praça Principal – Bauta/Havanna, Kuba
Mas Sorrer Jazz Club, Spain
Essaouira Jambash – La Tête Dans Les Etoiles, Essaouira, Maroc
Gregs Birthday – Dar Najat, Marrakech, Maroc
Festa Global Beats – Mercado Municipal, Aracaju (SE), Brazil
Baile Tropical Nr. 13 – Café com Arte, Belém, Brazil
NEU Club – São Paulo (SP), Brazil
Futurafrica – Studio G, Santos (SP), Brazil
Baile Tropical Nr. 20 – Francis Drinks, Recife (PE), Brazil
Baile Tropical Nr. 21 – Banga Bar, Maceió (AL), Brazil
Explode – NEU Club – São Paulo (SP), Brasil
Electro Carnival 2012 – Belém do Para (PA), Brasil
Baile Tropical Nr. 27 – Praça do Arsenal – Recife (PE), Brasil
Festa Criolina – Bar do Calaf – Brasilia (BR), Brasil

Festivals international:
Essaouira Jambash – Essaouira, Maroc
Incubate Festival 2010+2011 – Tilburg, Netherlands
Europe Mania Festival – Pécs, Hungary
Baile Tropical Nr. 12 at Feira Música Brasil 2010 – Mercado Novo, Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil
RecBeat Festival 2012/HELL-Q-BEAT, Roof Tabas, Recife (PE), Brasil

4+4=1, Diálogo- Dialog, Kuba/Deutschland, Dortmund/Moers, Germany
Zhang Huan, Museum Bochum, Germany
I SECOND THAT EMOTION (A.Pohl), Theater Galerie Fletsch Bizzel, Dortmund, Germany
A.Pohl Kleine Formate – Torhaus Rombergpark, Dortmund, Germany
Kunsthorten – Dortmund, Germany

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