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BADRE Because of his upbringing in Morocco he was influenced by a huge range of various “ethnic beats and sound”. He was fascinated by this spiritual colourful music and started to create his own, very individual way of combining electrical sounds with ethnic beats
BADRE is known as a DJ with several sets full of remixes.
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Dortmund, Germany
Live Station/Neotopia/Cosmotopia,/ClubTrinidad/Keller FZW/Jatz,/Hösels,/Solendo,/Swabedoo/Domicil/Flounge /Le Grand/Younico/Liebe Zeit/Koralle/Q-Bar….


Ritter Butzke – Berlin, Germany
Badehaus – Berlin, Germany
Brunen 70 – Berlin, Germany
Fuchs & Elster – Berlin , Germany
Michelberger – Berlin , Germany
Raw Tempel – Berlin , Germany
Saloppe – Dresden, Germany
Absturz – Leipzig, Germany
ZWISCHENBAU – Rostock, Germany
Kantine – Göttingen, Germany
GOLDANKAUF Club – Kassel, Germany
Luna Club – Kiel, Germany
Docks – Hamburg, Germany
Ostklub – Hamburg, Germany
Lila Eule – Bremen, Germany
3Raum – Hannover, Germany
Wanderklub– Hannover, Germany
Cumberlandsche Galerie – Hannover, Germany
Morph club – Bamberg, Germany
Café Wagner – Jena, Germany
WorldBeatClub – Wuppertal, Germany
FAVELA – Münster, Germany
Walk of Fame – Münster, Germany
AMP – Münster, Germany
Kramladen-Kaiserslautern, Germany
Gestüt Renz – Wiesbaden, Germany
Menara Suite – Mainz, Germany
Goethe Bunker – Essen, Germany
Katakomben Theater – Essen, Germany
Brain Klub – Braunschweig, Germany
Crazy Cat Club – Essen, Germany
Bahnhof Langendreer – Bochum, Germany
Mummenschanz – Bochum, Germany
Worldbeatclub @ Evebar – Bochum, Germany
Djazz – Duisburg, Germany
Rotkompot Düsseldorf, Germany
Marrakesh – Duesseldorf, Germany
Humid´or – Duesseldorf, Germany
Nachtigall – Köln, Germany
E-feld – Köln, Germany
Bansali – Cologne, Germany
Cubanitos– Cologne, Germany
Station – Cologne, Germany


Dawanda Design Markt Berlin 2014, Germany
3000° Festival 2012/2013/2014, Germany
Pangea Festival 2014, Germany
3000° WANDERZIRKUS 2012/2013/2014, Germany
Fusion Festival 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014, Germany
LA STRADA Internationales Festival der Straßenkünste Bremen 2013/2014, Germany
Weine vor Glück, Das Urbane WEINFESTIVAL Bochum ,Germany
Fiends4friends 2011/2012 Hamburg, Germany
Offbeat Festival 2011/2012 -Freiburg,Germany
Juicy Beats 2009 ,2008 , 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 – Dortmund, Germany
Karneval der Kulturen – Essen, Germany
WM-Lounge 2006 – Dortmund, Germany
Love Parade– Dortmund, Germany
IAA Smart-Lounge 2007 – Frankfurt am Main, Germany
La fete de la musique 2009/2010-Hannover,Germany


Goulash Disco Festival 2014, Croatia
la Nuit Blanche 2013/2014 Coupole Biel, Suisse
MONOCHROME @DORIS 2012 – Firenze, Italy
REVIER @ELECTRO SWING 2011 – Zürich, Suisse
Etage Club @ELECTRO SWING 2011 -Biel, Suisse
Genfer Autosalon 2008-2011 – Geneve, Suisse
Pariser Autosalon 2008/2010 – Paris, France
Ostklub 2010 – Wien, Austria
Museum of African Art 2009 – Belgrade, Serbia
La Tête Dans Les Etoiles-Essaouira
, Maroc
Le Comptoir Darna-Marrakesh, Maroc
Jambash Festival-Essaouira
, Maroc

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Über DJ Badre

BADRE Because of his upbringing in Morocco he was influenced by a huge range of various “ethnic beats and sound”. He was fascinated by this spiritual colourful music and started to create his own, very individual way of combining electrical sounds with ethnic beats BADRE is known as a DJ with several sets full of remixes.

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  1. sandy hoover

    i think you’re amazing. brilliant. great to find you. plugging you via FB n twitter. thanks for all the downloads. listening/dancing fun sorted for a long time

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