DJ – „In Spain On The Beach“-Tape

A friend of mine ask me if I can make a Mixtape with all these nice Spanish-House-Tracks for the Summer!! And Yes, if’ve made it and you can have it, too!! There are some old Classics from last summer, and some new Tracks for the new Season in it….made with love and passion and my two CDJ 800’s!!

1. Basti Grub – El Latino
2. Simone Burrini – La Cantada
3. La Pena – Divino Canto
4. Basti Grub – El Gitarro ( RMX)
5. Luca Albano & Luca Bernardi – Mosquito
6. Michel Cleis – La Mezla (Paul Kalkbrenner RMX)
7. Basti Grub – Negro (Emanuele Inglese RMX)
8. Stimming – Una Pena
9. Steve Angello – La Candela Vida
10.Larry Peters – Coleto Del Cubano
11.Reboot – Caminando

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