Globalibre Interview No.4: João Brasil

No.4 in Globalibre’s interview-serie with our fav. artists about blogs, their future and the impact on the music industry!!

Today: João Brasil

Globalibre: Please describe your music-style and how did you develop it?
João: My music style is a mix of baile funk, tecnobrega, electronic forró, pop music and mashups. Basically a tropical brazilian pop mash. I develop it researching the brazilian guetto-tech scene, pop and mashup productions. I applied all on my music softwares.

Globalibre: What’s your personal opinion of music-blogs?
I think the music blogs are the new way of researching music. I don’t live without them anymore. They are fundamental for the contemporary music producer.

Globalibre: How have blogs impacted upon the music industry?
João: They changed everything, they are the new MTV. They rule the global music business. Now the artists send their tracks to blogs and not to record companies anymore.

Globalibre: Impact of blogs: Greater or lesser in the future?
Greater, much greater!

Globalibre: In your opinion: What’s the next big thing in dance-music?
João: Tecnobrega and Post-Lambada!! Thank you! I love your Blog!

Some Tuuuuuunes:
Que Beleza Zulu Zumbi (João Brasil) by joaobrasil
Eye of the Lacraia (João Brasil) by joaobrasil

More Infos about João Brasil:
Myspace João Brasil’s Blog365 Mashups

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