Globalibre Livestream #20 – Celebration Stream


It is Nr. 20!!! We never expected that we will go on like that with our regular irregular date for international public to visit us (TimTims) home and celebrate with us all kinds of heavy tunes selected by us and our special guests. Today we play in the new prepared space where timtim teared down a wall for better soundspace and the most private dance floor in our hometown!!! Very special!
How many people have been joined us, how many beer we drunk… Overtime a fest of hospitality and good music!
So tune in and share with us this special night! dj bounty starts for the residents, we are proud and looking forward for a live-set from Tryptichon, Special guest DJ Dash will give us some beautiful drum and bass, axe.l will join in later as well,…

Visual artist today: Trytichon-VJs
Part 1 here:
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Part 2 here:
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