Mixtape Trilogy by Globalibre – MoombahtonTape

Dear Listeners,
after the 2 parts – TechnoTape & HouseTape – which have been released already, it is time to close the chapter 2 of Globalibres-Mixtape-Trilogy with a big bang! DJ Badre and axe.l get out the heavy stuff from their Moombahton selection. No compromises done – Moombahcore and classic Moombahton is the content! So Enjoy it and tell your friends about!!!

1. Ke Le Pasa (Mendez & Riot Earp Bootleg Remix)
2. Ismael Rivera – El Negro Bembon (NC Moombahton Edit) – Nathaniel Compton
3.Not Luv Song 4:48 Chong X
4. Mambo Mambo (Original Mix) – Pickster & Riot Earp
5. Metallica – Enter Sandman (Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee Bootleg – Neki Stranac Moombahmetal ReBootleg)
6. Faceoff – Heartbreak & Munchi
7. The Kannibalen Anthem (Elo!i & Heights Remix)
8. SuperStereo feat. Szolga Józsi – Goran in the Disco Club (Neki Stranac Moombahton Edit)
9. Sharki 4:44 BeatauCue
10. I.D.G.A.F.O.S.- Dillon Francis
11. Rolling In The Deep (LA Yaute Remix)
12. ?? (Axel)
13. Return to Tropicana (B-Stee + Archi Bootleg)-Just Kiddin
14. Pun Aint Dead – Munchi
15. Zombies For Money – Oy Shaba (Neki Stranac Crapshit)
16. The Moombah Champ – Marflix
17. Dama_S_Salon_Thomas_Blondet_Moombahton_Edit
18. Mi Reina3:37-Matador
19.Mumbia-Dj Badre

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