Bullet of the week: Matias Aquayo – Ay Ay Ay

Well, a bit early and the year is not over….BUT I think this is my album of the year 2009!!!

01. Menta Latte
02. Ritmo Tres
03. Rollerskate
04. Desde Rusia
05. Ritmo Juarez
06. Koro Koro
07. Mucho Viento
08. Ay Ay Ay
09. Ay Shit – The Master
10. Me Vuelvo Loca
11. Juanita
FACT magazine:
I’m not sure that music like this has ever been made before. Essentially, Ay Ay Ay is a vocal record. Matias layers together dozens of snippets of his sweetly reedy voice. And that, aside from a clatter of afro-house beats, is pretty much that. The results are stunning – verdant dream-pop heard as if underwater, heavenly West African melodies strewn among slurred sighs of pleasure, the blips of vocals rising and bursting like thousands of tiny bubbles!
This is a wonderful record, so good and so new that, really, I’d say get two copies; one for you, and one for someone you love.

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