O.live.R’s „Best Of 2014“


Indie / Gitarren:
Wanda – Amore
The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream
Temples – Sun Structures
The Notwist – Close To The Glass
Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

Chet Faker – Built On Glass
Erlend Oye – Legao
Jungle – Jungle
SOHN – Tremors

Cuthead – Total Sellout
Caribou – Our Love
The Acid – Liminal
DJ Koze – Reincarnation Pt.2
Lone – Reality Testing

Lucas Santtana – Sobre Noites e Dias
Mestre Cupijó e Seu Ritmo – Siriá
Thievery Corporation – Saudade
Blixiga 70 – Ocupai
Jorge Drexler – Bailar en la cueva

Outstanding Album:
Lambert – Lambert

Und das ganz als handliche Playlist.
Die Hits des Jahres:
All Killers! No Fillers!!

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