Rafael Aragon – Bhangraton Mixtape 2014


01 Rafael Aragon – This is Bhangraton (intro)
02 Punjabi Mc – Boliyan (Rafael Aragon EDIT)
03 Rafael Aragon & Stas – Lucky Ginger (Mystic Root)
04 Punjabi Mc – Snake Charmer (Rafael Aragon RMX)
05 Stas – In Her Eyes
06 Soni Pabla – Boli Pani (Jimmy Love RMX)
07 Rafael Aragon & Tropikore – Punjabi Bhangra
08 Rafael Aragon – Bhangra B2
09 Anton Kemmeren – Bhangraton
10 Cita – Indiski (Neki Stranac RMX)
11 Latah Mangeshkar – Thoda Resham Lagta Hai (Daniel Haaksman RMx)
12 Kosta Kostov – Hasrat (Rafael Aragon RMX)
13 Jimmy Love – Vadhaiyan (Gidda moombah)
14 Sundae & Pharmacist – Muumba Di Padang Pasir
15 Steve TellcO – Ganesh Moombah (Rafael Aragon EDIT)
16 Stas – Far Temptation
17 Mahendra Kapoor & Suresh Wadekar – Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Uproot Andy RMX)
18 Stas – Luth
19 Panjabi MC – Mundian De Bach Ke (Jimmy Love RMX)
20 Stas – Shadows
21 Fanfara Electronica – Pasare Calatoare (Rafael Aragon RMX)
22 Tropikore – Om Curry
23 Savages & Suefo – Sweet Relish (Mash & Munkee RMX)
24 Mangi Mahal – Boliyan (Jimmy Love EDIT)
25 Chong X – Chong’s Not Here (Rafael Aragon RMX)
26 Shazalakazoo – Bang! (Rafael Aragon RMX)
27 Rafael Aragon – Bengali Manjeera
28 Rafael Aragon vs Max le Daron vs Kaoma – Lambhangra
29 Freak Castro – Bicho Bolita (Rafael Aragon RMX)
30 Click Here – Katchur Khan (ft.Valentina Casula)

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