Zuzuka Poderosa – ‚Carioca Bass‘ EP


Dear Listeners,
our Carioca Bass Queen Zuza released a new 8 track E.P. Check out the links below to grab them from one of the offerd platforms! …than turn your speakers loud for this baile funk miami bass blast!


On iTunes: HERE

Some statements:
„Her live performances get sweaty and a little out of hand as she exhorts her audience to shake their booties. (Rebola, Rebola!)“MTV Iggy
„Zuzuka has turned to our minds like the impact of a helicopter against the building; like a hot gate of sound. Zuzuka is a Big Bang. Zuzuka is poderosa.“NHM (Spain / London)
„She’s very prolific. We love all the stuff that she does. She has an interesting way with words.“NPR’s Alt Latino’s ‘Mad Musical Scientists’

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