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BBC Essential Mix – Bonobo


This weekend’s soundtrack!!

Van­ge­lis – Abra­ham’s Theme [Po­ly­dor]
Bo­no­bo – Don‘t Wait [Ninja Tune]
Le­the­ret­te – D&T (Do­ri­an Con­cept Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Dark Sky – Clear [White]
Maya Jane Coles – So­me­thing In The Air (Bo­no­bo Remix) [Hy­per­co­lour]
Catching Flies – Mama’s Wis­dom [White]
Mano Le Tough – Pri­ma­ti­ve Peop­le (Tale Of Us Remix) [Per­ma­nent Va­ca­ti­on]
Dauwd – Lydia [Kom­pakt]
Cu­thead – Ma­pu­to Jam [Un­can­ny Val­ley]
Ma­ri­bou State – Moon Cir­cles [Sou­t­hern Fried]
Sharon Van Etten – We Are Fine (Tou­rist Remix) [White]
Jimps­ter Porch­light & Ro­cking Chairs (KiNK Remix) – Porch­light And Ro­cking Chairs (KiNK Remix) [Fre­e­r­an­ge]
Lorca – Naoko [Naked Naked]
Bo­no­bo – First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Jung­le – Drops (Pe­de­stri­an Edit) [White]
Werk­ha – Lapwing [Tru Thoughts]
Ten Walls – Re­qui­em [Life And Death]
Fran­cis Bebey – Bis­sao (Pi­loo­ski Edit) [Born Bad]
Ge­ne­ral Ludd – Woo Ha [Mis­ter Sa­tur­day Night]
Ro­ma­re – Jimmy [White]
Wil­liam Ar­ca­ne – Re­flec­ted [Pic­tu­res]
Lon­don Gram­mar – Hey Now (Bo­no­bo Remix) [Metal & Dust]
Tay­lor Mc­Fer­rin Feat. Emily King – De­ci­si­ons [Brain­fee­der]
Throwing Snow Feat. Adda Kaleh – The Tem­pest [Ho­unds­tooth]
Kelis – Run­nin‘ (Ma­chine­drum Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Illum Sphe­re – Em­bryo­nic (Lone Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Mar­tyn – Glass­bead­ga­mes (8 Hours At Fa­bric (Dub With Four Tet) [Ninja Tune]

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Solid Steel Radio Show – Werkha


Gogo Penguin – Fort
Bonobo – Kota
Nostalgia 77 – Sleepwalker (Ambassadeurs Remix)
James Blake – I’ll Stay
Werkha – Tempo Tempo
The Please – Lazer Guided Weapon
Shape Of Broad Minds – It Ain’t Dead!!
Mike Slott – Home
The Please – Abodigital Dishwasher
Edmondson – Don’t Stop
Mosca – Bunching
Quantic – Blow Your Horn ft. Ohmega Watts
Soho – Super Hot aka Hot Music (Nirobi edit)
Falty DL – Straight & Arrow
Werkha – Moving With The Nuisanc
Bullion – Get Familiar
Bondax – All Inside
Sampha – Too Much

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Cover Sommer 2013-Tape

1. Jaques – Klement Julienne
2. Me & You – Brown Paper Bag
3. Long Arm – After 4am
4. Mala – Calle F
5. Hilde – Das ist Berlin (Klangecht Remix)
6. Chilly Gonzalez – Theme From In-Between
7. Felix Laband – Miss Teardrops
8. Jazz Liberatorz – Blue Avenue
9. Alt-J – Something Good
10. Blockhead – Carnivores Unite
11. Oddisee – Saw Myself Today
12. Klinke Auf Cinch – Borken Master
13. Little People – Aldgate Patterns
14. Jon Kennedy – Tell Me How You Feel (Bonobo Mix)
15. Wayne Newton – Danke Schön

Douglas Greed – doar Frühling basst dursch de Dür


1. You could do your memories – Isolee
2. Let Love decide – Roland Clark (Art Department RMX)
3. Voigt Kampf (Barnt RMX) – Michael Mayer
4. Cirrus – Bonobo
5. Fallout – Dark Sky
6. Your lips under whater – Martin Patino
7. Afloat – GoldFFinch
8. Hypno – Last Magpie
9. Faith (Koze RMX) – Ada
10. November – Tigerskin
11. The Wanderer (Dixon Edit) – Romanthony
12. For her – Nathan H
13. Nothing Stays The same – Mike Dunn
14. Allowence – Isolee
15. This Time – Douglas Greed feat. Kuss

Knirsch 002 by

Martyn – Popgun

Radiohead – Little By Little (Caribou RMX)

Sepalcure – Taking You Back

Bonobo – Eyesdown (Machinedrum RMX)

Gold Panda – I Suppose I Should Say ‚thanks‘ Or Some Shit


DVA: I Know Feat Natalie Maddix from Hyperdub on Vimeo.