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New release of Maga Bo – Quilombo do Futuro

People, we nearly made it!!! 95% of the kickstarter project found is collected!!! So let’s push it across the finish line!!! Support the release of Maga bo’s new album!!!

As a gift here’s the latest remix released for free download!

Dinheiro (Maga Bo Remix) – MC Cidinho by MAGA BO

Dear Listeners,
when you already had a walk through the music-blog-forest the last days, maybe you already heard about it??? – Maga Bo has released his new album QUILOMBO DO FUTURO. After 3 years working on it, his new record is finished and for sure we help him with getting it out into the world.
To get a view behind the curtain the way he works on this project watch the video here:

Maga Bo started a Kickstarter project to raise funds to make this release possible and we want you to buy buy buy and support this artist to help him releasing more and more of his fantastic productions and for sure first get back some money for his private invest for all the production, guest artists, travelling costs he spend for Quilombo do Futuro!!!
So donate here
and choose between the different versions you can get!!!
In Maga Bo’s words:
In exchange for your donation, I’m offering a series of different prizes – from a digital download of the record, the remixes, instrumentals and acapellas, to a skype consultation, a custom DVD playlist, a mixtape, a DJ set or even a 1 day workshop. So, yes, you actually get something in return (aside from warm fuzzy feelings of helping this music see the light of day, of course!) for your donation.
All funds raised by the Kickstarter project will go to making this release a reality – mastering, artwork, duplication, publicity and web design.
If you’re not able to donate, but would still like to help the project, please tell people about this – post it to facebook, pass this email along, tweet about it, post it on your blog, etc. Every little bit helps – especially YOUR participation! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask…..
THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU again for taking the time to check this out!
Maga Bo