Schlagwort-Archiv: DJ Koze – SUMMER 2*14 Tape


1. Bob Moses – Far From The Tree
2. Flex Cop – Next Time
3. Daniel Bortz – The Misery (NU & Acid Pauli RMX)
4. Simon Weiss – Monty Collective ABC
5. Console – I Say (NU RMX)
6. Kalabrese – Stone On Your Back (F. Wiedemann RMX)
7. Rampue – Leporidae
8. Mano Le Tough – Primative People (Tale Of Us RMX)
9. Kurtz & Bomber – Such A Rush
10. Stimming – Southern Sun
11. Ninetoes – Finder
12. Monkey Safari – Watching The Stars
13. Jan Blomqvist – Big Jet Plane (Animal Trainer RMX)
14. Egokind – Diamond Days
15. Smallpeople – When It’s There
16. Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray (DJ Koze RMX)

Next Open Air Live-Date:
***3000° Festival***

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1. GoGo Penguin – Murmuration
2. Romare – Down The Line (It Takes A Number)
3. Dauwd – Ikopol
4. Illum Sphere – At Night
5. Werkha – Tempo Tempo
6. Submotion Orchestra – Finest Hour (Planas Remix)
7. Wagon Christ – Bend Over
8. Brookes Brothers – In Your Eyes
9. Kidkanevil – The Floating World (Eliphino Remix)
10. Jeremiah Jae – Survival (feat. Oliver the 2nd)
11. Eliphino – L.F. (I Know)
12. Koreless – 4D
13. DJ Koze – Nices Wölkchen (Robag’s Bronky Frumu Rehand)
14. Lapalux-Kelly Brook
15. Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

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Robag Wruhme @ Dommune

01. DJ Koze – Nices Wölkchen feat. Apparat (Robag Wruhme Remix TEST)
02. International Pony vs. Losoul – Track Of The Night (Robag Wruhme EDIT)
03. Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray (DJ Koze Remix)
04. Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand (Robag Wruhme & James O. Belcher RMX TEST)
05. Moderat – Bad Kingdom (Robag Wruhme 4/4 EDIT)
06. Martyn – Bad Chicago
07. Gold Panda – Casyam_59#02 (Robag Wruhme EDIT)
08. Rhye – Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Remix)
09. Marvin Dash (Robag Wruhme EDIT)
10. Die Vögel – Mesmerize
11. Burial – Stolen Dog (Robag Wruhme EDIT)
12. Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (Robag’s Habay Latoff NB)
13. Kalabrese – Independent Dancer (Robag Wruhme RMX TEST)

Douglas Greed – doar Frühling basst dursch de Dür


1. You could do your memories – Isolee
2. Let Love decide – Roland Clark (Art Department RMX)
3. Voigt Kampf (Barnt RMX) – Michael Mayer
4. Cirrus – Bonobo
5. Fallout – Dark Sky
6. Your lips under whater – Martin Patino
7. Afloat – GoldFFinch
8. Hypno – Last Magpie
9. Faith (Koze RMX) – Ada
10. November – Tigerskin
11. The Wanderer (Dixon Edit) – Romanthony
12. For her – Nathan H
13. Nothing Stays The same – Mike Dunn
14. Allowence – Isolee
15. This Time – Douglas Greed feat. Kuss – #1 / 2013

Cover 12013New Tape by Globalibre’s! Recorded in Berlin @ Chez Felix.

1. The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – Pretend (Soul Clap RMX)
2. Steinhof, Hammouda & Donnie – Touch
3. Gunja & Niconé – Peaz, Luv & Harmonium
4. Lindstrøm – Eg-ged-osis (Todd Terje Extended Edit)
5. Pele & Nico Stojan – Belladonna
6. Fenin – None Of Them (Robags Berfa Lubb Dubbse)
7. Lake Powel – Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair
8. Lone – Once In A While (Midland Mix)
9. Hot Chip – Night And Day (Daphni Mix)
10. Smallpeople – When It’s There
11. Tempo Di Roma – Move Your Bones
12. Audision – Yellow Sunset (Robag Wruhme Stoylago Edit)
13. Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
14. Moomin – The Story About You
15. Uner – Cocoua
16. Christopher Rau – Childhood
17. Herbert – It’s Only (DJ Koze Remix)