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Dub Gabriel – Reggae Special (Vintage Vinyl Mix) – Free Download

Dear Listeners,
the hot fist of summer knocks us out with around 37°C in our hometown Dortmund. So it is time to find the right music to arrange with this tropical time we have here and as you know reggae is always an option for this!!!! Our friend DUB GABRIEL put together a vintage mixture of fantastic roots/dubbed reggaetracks we wanna present here! SO LISTENNNNNN – JAHHHHH – RASTAFARAAAAIIIIIIII!


Purple Man – King of the Way
Sancho – Chase Vampire
Billy Boyo – Wicked She Wicked
Carol Kalphat – African Land
Sly & Robbie – Rocks and Mountains
Ranking Dread – Africa
Buro Banton – Can’t Take the Running’s in a Babylon
Junior Cat – Anerexol Body
Michigan & Smiley – Down Presser
Nicodemus – Birdman Hunting
Prince Far I – Red Sea
Tapper Zuki – Man Ah Warrior
Yellowman – Strong Me Strong
Prince Jazzbo – In Jah Jah Name
R. Shirley – Everybody Needs A Friend
Ranking Dread – Hard Times
Horace Andy – Money Money
Lee Van Cliff – Bam Salute
Singers & Players – Dungeon & Merchant Ship
Smiley Culture – Cockney Translation
Anthony Red Rose – Dub Organizer Part Two
Wayne Palmer – Suzie
Barrington Lavy – Na Broke No Fight Over Woman
King Burnett – Paul Bogle
Junior Brammer – All Gone

Maga Bo’s first video release of his new album Quilombo do Futuro!!!

Dear Listeners,
I’m so happy to have the possibility to share here with you this amazing new video of our friend Maga Bo from Rio de Janeiro, BR! I remember the last time I met Bo at Ipanema beach. He was so focused in all the organisation of his album release, video productions and organising the remix productions that it took a few moments for us to get into a talk. I recognize that he already invests all his passion and energy into his project. After watching the new video I was thinking: GOOD INVEST BO!!! I love it!

So watch here:

Maga Bo – No Balanço da Canoa feat. Rosângela

Macedo and Marcelo Yuka é o primeiro clipe do disco „Quilombo do Futuro“
Dirigido por/Directed by Emilio Domingos
Filmado por/Filmed by Vitor Malheiros
Editado por/Edited by Susana Guardado
Figurino porWardrobe by Thais Medeiros
Roteiro por/Story by Maga Bo

Geferson Coutinho
Jeru Bantu
João Luiz
Maga Bo
Marcelo Yuka
Mark Philipp
Maureen Reilly
Reconca Rio – Vanessa Meirelles, Japa, Pezão, 3 meninas?
Rick Reis
Rosângela Macedo
Sandro Lustosa
Thais Medeiros

Filmado no/Filmed in Centro, Tijuca, Lapa, Santa Teresa e Sumaré, Rio de Janeiro.

CHECK OUT THESE KICKS!!!! New album of Svelt St. + 2Tech

Dear Listeners,
I recieved some news from producer team Svelt St. + 2Tech and they point my attention on their latest album release ‚Check out these Kicks‘. The second post here on about them. (First here)
With their first track of the album they created a monster!!! – build out of solid bass they produced a dubstep tune named ‚Headphones‘! The following tracks are also from the same species so take care with your speakers at home! Another recommendation: Chillin‘ remixed by Billy Dubstep!!!
As always we want to share it with you! So you don’t have to buy it, noooooo under the flag of piracy distribution we are able to spread it out for free! So feel free to download the collection here or simply listen:

What a precious and comfortable circumstance to be informed without seaching for it!!! A big ‚THANK YOU‘ to L.A.!

Check more links to Svelt St. in our first article!!!