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Zouk Bass (or whatever you wanna call it) arrived on Globalibre Blog – DJ UMB MIXTAPE


Dear Listeners,
if you are up to date in the transglobal bass/ urban bass scene you already heard about the latest bass monsters which flood the internet with slow massive bass music influenced by 80s French Antillean zouk rythms and melodies: ZOUK BASS!!!

To join the discussion about this new sub-genre I think it is not neccessary to split up urban bass music into millions of subgenres. My point of view is that this splitting in subgenres is also splitting the scene and is not helping the development of music in any way. It just helps some artists to be on top of a subgenre list they might create on their own. For what???? Just to be more popular??? …don’t know?!?!?!?

On the other hand it is always a pleasure to re-release here a mixtape of our friend DJ UMB. Hey UMB: we miss you!!!!! Hopefully we have the chance to meet again in 2013!!! Maybe INCUBATE 2013???

Enjoy the tape here:

THE LOVE TAPE 5 – 112Tronic


THE LOVE TAPE 5 – 112Tronic

Re (Modiac Rework) – Nils Frahm,
Orchidea – Pále,
Friends and Lovers – Shigeto,
Deep lovers – Patrick Oliwka,
A Walk (Kolombo Remix) – Tycho,
Can’t Get enough – DJ Theory,
Soundelove – DJ Quien,
Malankoli -Lulu Rouge,
Darlin‘ (John Talabot’s Oscuro Baile Remix) – Tahiti 80,
I Put A Spell On You (TRRBO Remix) – Screamin‘ Jay Hawkins,
Absence (Album Extended Mix) – Riva Starr Feat. Rssll,
Fingers (Edit) – Cyclopean,
Saint-Saens (Groove Mix) – Mooryc,
Burkina – Chancha,

Globalibre @ Europe Mania Festival!!

Last weekend Globalibre’s axe.l and were part of the Europe Mania Festival!! We played a gig on saturday and shared the stage with JD 🙂 UMB (Generation Bass), Vincent Koreman (Generation Bass, Sonido Del Principe), Coco Briyce and Dubstep-Mastermind MRK 1!!!

Photo by: Erik Luyten

Great evening/night, with great guys, some drinks and a massive Afterparty in Pécs Hotspot „Stardust“ – nominated for „Club Of The Year 2010“!!!
Thanks to the Incubate-Crew for the organisation and the invitation to play some tunes under the Dutch-Flag…we really looking forward to Tilburg in September!! Thanks to our Hungarian Managment Chief Noémi – for all the support, the taxis and the Dancing-Skills!!

Photo by: Erik Luyten

Here’s a awesome mixtape by our friend Coco Bryce!!!
Listen & Download
1. rustie – keesha resmak.
2. hovatron – cold game stupid.
3. ryuichi sakamoto – riot in lagos.
4. ceephax – volume two.
5. ghosts on tape – predator mode – roska remix.
6. ariel pink – reminiscences.
7. inko – ovni pita.
8. 1000 names – saturn race.
9. coco bryce & dj mace – dub rap.
10. slugabed – titans.
11. mesak – claves kein.
12. daniel savio – ohhh!
13. coco bryce – embarcadero.
14. coco bryce – ghetto freaks.
15. lazercrotch – nugut!
16. will powers – adventures in success.
More Infos about Coco Bryce: KLICK

And here’s an old but nice tune from Sonido Del Prinicipe and a cool RMX of „Dem Outta Here“!!!
Sonido Del Principe – Pesebre

Dem Outta Here (Sonido del Principe Cumbia Mix) by processrebel

More Infos about „Sonido del Principe“:
Generation Bass-Blog

We’re really looking forward to some exclusive MRK1 Tracks and a mixtape for Globalibre-Blog….stay tuned!!
MRK1 on myspace: KLICK KLACK