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DJ Badre Fusion 2014 Luftschloss

Omar Souleyman – Warni Warni (bEEdEEgEE remix)
Restless Leg Syndrome – Pimpin‘ Ramzy
Yestegan chaY – Yeh Estekan Chaee
Hicham – Orient
Trentmöller – Prana
Masomeno – Coco classico
Niconé & Sascha Braemer – Raoui
Dj Tomahawk – HABiBi
Hickup – Mitzwa (Original Mix)
Funky Muslim – Juicy ( Pento Boys )
The Micronaut – Schleie
Superpendejos – SP Airlines (Dixone Meltdown Remix)
Kadebostan – Love In Looxor
Roman Flügel – Softie
Yes – in
Pablo Rez – Asian Dream (Dub Edit)
DJ Koze – Blume Der Nacht (Original Mix)
Radiohead – Little By Little (Caribou Remix)
Nicolas Jaar – Russian Dolls
Kohra – Hush

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Gypsy not Gypsy 2- DJ Badre


Holunder – Dolph ,
Feldrecord Im Zirkus – Robosonic, Laura Weider,
Hanaetano (umami Remix) – Nicone,
All aces high (original mix) – Mentalic ,
Tinush – Boing Flip (Original) ,
Manouche (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Lohr ,
Preview El Torero (Charlie Rouhana & Audioprophecy Remix) – The Woohoo Revue ,
Confession feat. Yentl (Filtertypen Mix) – Stereo Express,
Stoned Trumpet – Timboletti ,
Moodidew feat. Schönfeld – Seth Schwarz ,
Wolkenkuckucksheim (Gitte Verfuehrt Remix) – Peter & Pan,
Bizarre Riad – Badre La Magi & Eduardo Tristao,



Ellsworth Land (Original Mix) -SCSI
Limit (Oscar Re-Edit) – Feist vs James Blake
Thirteen Thirtyfive (Arts & Leni_s For The Floor Edit) – Dillon
Roscoe (David B Edit) – Ellie Goulding
The Only Thing In This World (Alle Farben Remix)-L Kubic & Tagträumer²
Siberian Barber (Original) – SWIS
Ile De Goree – Gallus, Kurus
Walk Alone Feat. Spoony Talker – Daniel Dreier, Paul Schal

Autumn 2012

October 2012 Favourites-DJ Badre

Listen Dream & Dance

James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
Wild Culture – For Everything (Original Mix)
? – Who is Roxanne
Rene Bourgeois, Elke Brauweiler – Je Danse (Dan Caster & Rene Bougeois Club Mix)
Tinush – Little Man (Original)
Ron Flatter – Herr Lonnert (BHerzschwester Remix)
Mathias Adler & Martin Dacar – Ombia Sun (Original Mix)
Charles Ramirez – Insane (Original Mix)
Jens Bond & Benno Blome – Tentacular (Tigerskin Remix)
Dixie Jure Terry’s Cafe 14 (unmixed tracks)-By Defection

SummerTape 2011-Dj Badre

You Got The Love (Florence – The XX rmx)-The Very Best
Say What feat Ogris Debris(Paul Marmota Remix)-Round Table Knights
Platscher (Original Mix)-Paul Kalkbrenner
Basti Grub – Bombe Ma Chi Chi
Gonzales-Knight Moves
Green (Urulu Remix)-etch
Lungulungu-Jumo Daddy & FOKN
Colours (original mix) -The Criime

DANCE YOU MAI2011 By Dj Badre


Andy Kohlmann & Rene Bourgeois – Blonde Flute
Monkey Safari – Bamboolica (Original Mix)
Daniel Dexter-Montevideo
Gabriel & Castellon – El Chupa Choclo (Original Mix)
Metodi Hristov-I Hate Latino
Felix Bernhardt – Die Muntere Monika (Original Mix)
Super Flu-Euterpeh
Channel X-Salome (Audiojack Remix)
Chromeo-Hot Mess (Struboskop ‚Lost Their Temper‘ Remix)
Fex Fellini-Ganesha

DANCE YOU MAY 2011 by Dj Badre

THIS IS BASS 2010 By Dj Badre

Chicken Lover (Hackman Remix)-Bassanovva
Babylon (Urchins ‚Babble On‘ Remix)-Congorock
Mitrush – Cowotic Bells
Sunshine (Cristian Dinamarca Remix)-Rye Rye feat. MIA
Oh My God (Milt Mortez Remix)-Moston & Malente
Holy Mountain-Talk
Vaporizer (NT89 Remix)-Gingy & Bordello
Horrido (DJ Promo – Legobeat Remix)-Hat+Hoodie
Zulu Form-Hard House Banton
Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Riverside (Afrojack Remix)-Sidney Samson
Tingly Trumpets (Oliver $ Re-Edit)-Sacha Robotti
First Vibe (Original Mix)-Doomwork Aliya Moore