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Clássicos brasileiros Mixtape Vol. 2 – DJ axe.l

DJ axe.l Classicos Brasileiros Vol.2

Dear Listeners,

long time ago I released the first compilation DJ axe.l – Classicos Brasileiros Vol.1 I was happily surprised about the positive resonance and so it was on my long term to-do list to record part two. Now it is done! You can listen here to Vol. 2 and hopefully you use it to build up a wonderful atmosphere during a day outside in nature, in your garden. In my phantasies I see you having a tasteful caipirinha and a big smile on your face! Enjoy!

DJ axe.l – Clássicos Brasileiros Vol. 2 by Djaxel on Mixcloud

Clássicos brasileiros mixtape vol. 1 – DJ axe.l

Dear Listeners,

this tape was a real urgent work to do – or better say a big pleasure and joy! It is a collection of old to contemporary brasilian tunes I collected on several Brasil trips in the last 2 years. All the tunes are recommends of friends I met, which helped me to raise my knowledge about brasilian music. So you have the chance to listen to the intelligent lyrics of Lucas Santtana or the melancholic samba of Cartola… Enjoy it – maybe with an ice-cold beer and some Cachaça?!?!
So it is a big wish also to dedicate this mixtape to my friends in Brasil!!!
Big up to: Patricktor4-Recife, Criolina Crew-Brasilia, Maga Bo-Rio de Janeiro, Jaque-Belo Horizonte, Melina-Porto Alegre, MC Gringo-Rio de Janeiro – and thank you for sharing all this nice tunes with me!!!

1. Lucas Santana – Amor em Jacumã
2. Bebeto – A vida esta pra mim
3. Seu Jorge – Meu Parceiro
4. Ilê Ayé – O mais belo dos belos
5. Alessandra Leão – Varanda
6. Blick Bassy feat. Lenine – Fala português (Maga Bo Remix)
7. Juca Chaves – Take me back to Piaui (Dubben Mix)
8. Baiana System – Oxe, Como era doce
9. Saravah Soul – Arroz com feijao
10. Céu – O ronco da cuica
11. Djavan – Nereci (Original hemsphere version)
12. Lucas Santtana – Who can say which way
13. Criolo – Mariô
14. Seu Jorge – A doida
15. Bebeto di São João – Carola
16. Chico Buarque – Quando o carneval chegar
17. Cartola – Verde que to quero rosa
18. Luiz Melodia – Tive sim
19. Marina de La Riva – Ta-hí! (Pra você gostar de mim) this track was unknown for few hours Rodrigo Coutinho helped me out and he helped me to fill the emptiness!
20. Chico Buarque – Com Açucar, com afeto
21. Jorge Ben – Caramba
22. Otto – Janaína
23. Seu Jorge – Amiga da minha mulher