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Hy Brazil Vol 1: Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil 2013 compiled by Chico Dub

Dear Listeners,
what’s up in the electronic music scene in Brasil??? Here you will be updated!!! Thanks for this link to soundgoods blog from Rio de Janeiro!!!

Globalibre Mixtape Serie – 005 by The Bumps

1.Peaches – Buraka Som Sistema
2.M.I.A. vs Greg Salto – Afro Monkei
3.Gaitero – Leo Justi
4.Leap Year (Chuck Upbeat Mix) – Via The Robots and Finish Him
5.Right About Now (Caballo Mix) – DV3KZ & Primetime
6.Wild Horses – Willy Joy
7.Aquecimento Fumaca – Alex DJ MPC
8.Pede Que Eu Dou – As Wavaianas
9.Push Up! _ DJ Superstereo
10.Get On The Floor – Boogaloo
11.Pompi Hacia Afuera – Dj Fercho
12.Orula – IrvinMix
13.Cumbiatron (re-issue) – LeDoom & Tony Mundaca
14.Tab 123 – Holy Dubs Recordings
15.All You Need Is Love (Bumps‘ Neo Baile Mix) – The Beatles
16.Fun In The Jungle – Chuck Upbeat
17.Mulherada (Real Trap Funk) – DJ Comrade
18.Dadinho – The Bumps
19.Samir In The Trap – Oh Snap!!
20.Hood Fantasy – Flosstradamus