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DJ Badre – mag Artist & Partner Vinyl Charts 2014


My mag Artist & Partner Vinyl Charts 2014:

#1 Grandbrothers – Ezra EP (Film)
#2 Pional – It’s All Over Remixes (Hivern)
#3 Be Svendsen – Alchemie EP (3000° Records)
#4 Konfetti Klub Ensemble – Leussow EP (Acker)
#5 Sebastian Mullaert – Chant De Paris EP (Ovum)
#6 Lana del Rey – West Coast (Solomun Remix) (2DIY4)
#7 Jamie XX – All Under One Roof Raving (Young Turks)
#8 Mop Mop – Isle Of Magic (Agogo)
#9 Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers (Modern Love)
#10 Caribou – Our Love (Merge)

DJ Badre – mag Artist & Partner Vinyl Charts 2014 mag Artist & Partner Vinyl Charts aus 2014

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Rafael Aragon – Bhangraton Mixtape 2014


01 Rafael Aragon – This is Bhangraton (intro)
02 Punjabi Mc – Boliyan (Rafael Aragon EDIT)
03 Rafael Aragon & Stas – Lucky Ginger (Mystic Root)
04 Punjabi Mc – Snake Charmer (Rafael Aragon RMX)
05 Stas – In Her Eyes
06 Soni Pabla – Boli Pani (Jimmy Love RMX)
07 Rafael Aragon & Tropikore – Punjabi Bhangra
08 Rafael Aragon – Bhangra B2
09 Anton Kemmeren – Bhangraton
10 Cita – Indiski (Neki Stranac RMX)
11 Latah Mangeshkar – Thoda Resham Lagta Hai (Daniel Haaksman RMx)
12 Kosta Kostov – Hasrat (Rafael Aragon RMX)
13 Jimmy Love – Vadhaiyan (Gidda moombah)
14 Sundae & Pharmacist – Muumba Di Padang Pasir
15 Steve TellcO – Ganesh Moombah (Rafael Aragon EDIT)
16 Stas – Far Temptation
17 Mahendra Kapoor & Suresh Wadekar – Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Uproot Andy RMX)
18 Stas – Luth
19 Panjabi MC – Mundian De Bach Ke (Jimmy Love RMX)
20 Stas – Shadows
21 Fanfara Electronica – Pasare Calatoare (Rafael Aragon RMX)
22 Tropikore – Om Curry
23 Savages & Suefo – Sweet Relish (Mash & Munkee RMX)
24 Mangi Mahal – Boliyan (Jimmy Love EDIT)
25 Chong X – Chong’s Not Here (Rafael Aragon RMX)
26 Shazalakazoo – Bang! (Rafael Aragon RMX)
27 Rafael Aragon – Bengali Manjeera
28 Rafael Aragon vs Max le Daron vs Kaoma – Lambhangra
29 Freak Castro – Bicho Bolita (Rafael Aragon RMX)
30 Click Here – Katchur Khan (ft.Valentina Casula)

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Globalibre Mixtape Serie: 004 by DJ Oops

01 – Meia Quadra – 2 finos e 1 grave (DJ Oops Remix)
02 – Buraka Som Sistema – Burakaton (Feat. Bomba Estereo)
03 – Bolão – O Tambor (Criolina Remix)
04 – Una Mas Trio – Balkumbia
05 – LeDoom & Tony Mundaca – CumbiaTRON
06 – Munchi – Sandungueo
07 – Polydor – You Better (Neki Edit)
08 – Sono Rhizmo – Soledad
09 – DJ Graham B – Riot in Rio
10 – Tanbor – Andino
11 – Gilberto Gil – Patuscada de Gandhi (Criolina Remix)
12 – Unknown – Funk do Bem
13 – Tom Browne – Fungi Mama
14 – Robertinho do Recife – Babydoll de Nylon (DJ Oops Remix)
15 – Birdfest – O7
16 – An-ten-nae – Deeper Shades of Red
17 – Copia Doble Sistema – Doble Troble
18 – DJ Shack – Intro

Dear Listeners,
it’s time to give something back! With all attention, hospitality and warm-hearted I was handled in Brasil during all my stays the last 2 years. I met incredible nice people and for sure they are mostly part of the global bass family and sharing with me and the Globalibre DJ-Team the deep passion for good music and sounds.
On my last trip I had the big pleasure and honor to be guest in the house of the Criolina Collective which is dropping their mixes, productions and radioshows since a lot of years in Brasilia and whole Brasil. Beside my critical status after carnival in Recife/ Olinda (7 days with nearly no sleep, lots of alcohol and dancing) I arrived in time in their beatuiful bungalow to be guest at the big birthday party of DJ Barata.
At this party nearly the whole Criolina DJ-Team played a DJ-Set and transferred their garden terrasse into a big dancefloor with 200 people freakin‘ out. Bouncin‘ funky set’s of brasilian funk classics from the 70’s to centemporary electronic bass music. Total tiredness was the only reason reason for me not to have day 8 of nonstop dancin‘.

DJ Pezão

DJ Oops & me (axe.l)

DJ Oops

When we decided to start our mixtape series here on Globalibre, it was not just an easy way to get a mixtape of DJ Oops – it was a pleasure and wish of mine to have it here on your favorite blog and to share this mixtape with you! So enjoy this musical travel through funky tunes and heavy basses with DJ Oopss!!!


Maybe first Maroc Moombah..


Moombahton3 By Dj Badre

Moombahton3-DjBadre by Dj Badre
It Don’t Mean a Thing -zkosta moombahton
We No Speak Americano [Chong X moombahton edit]-Yolanda Be cool
O sarracino- SuperStereo edit
Klezzic (DSTRYD Moombahton Edit)-Malente & Jay Robinson
Tweet Retweet (Original Mix)-Feral aka MC Kinky
Grrrlz (Chong X And Babylon Rocker REMIX)-MikkiM ft. Quench
1/2 Mexican 1/2 Colombian Porro-Toy Selectah feat. Horny Chihuahua
Puerto Rico (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)-Daniel Haaksman –
Bangla (The Coconut Wireless Remix vs. Slap In The Bass Remix – Neki Stranac Moombahton Mashup-Edit)-Teenage Mutants With Stereophil
Calypso (sonora remix)-Round Table Knights
Pitchito (sonora remix)-Frente Cumbiero
I Put a Spell on You (Jeremy Sole’s Zombie Stomp Remix)-..

Dj Badre Moombahton Minimix


Mixed feeling-16 bit finnal
Blast (Mentalcut Moombahton Edit) -Doyo
Heater (Ckrono moombahton edit)-Samim
She Wants MoombahSoul-Thomas Blondet
Calabria (2011) [Chong X Remix]-Enur feat. Natasja
Soske sul na avea (SuperStereo remix)-Boban Markovic
Wanna Fete (Wanna Get Remix) [NEKI Edit]-Parov Stelar